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Bound by Haiti

Co-Director, Producer, Editor

Bound by Haiti is the story of Aaron Jackson and John Dieubon – two young international activists forced to deal with the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake first-hand. When the earthquake of January 12th strikes, Aaron and John must confront the biggest challenge of their lives. The filmmakers, staying outside Port-au-Prince, captured the tragedy immediately after this devastating event. Featuring rare video and photos from immediately following the earthquake, Bound by Haiti follows these unlikely friends on a journey for change before and after one of the most catastrophic international events of our time.

Festival Selections
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Boston International Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
New Hampshire Film Festival (Best Documentary Nominee)
Tulsa International Film Festival
Central Florida Film Festival
DocUtah – Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival
Astoria/LIC International Film Festival
National Black Theatre Festival

Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources

Footage from the film was broadcast on NBC, MSNBC and FOX News

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Come on Down and Pick Me Up

Co-Director, Producer

Surrounded by a DayGlo hallucination of fluorescent alien masks, mannequin heads, and skulls, Fred Kress is slowly dying. Serving as the only distraction from the devastating reality of a terminal liver disease, his unique artwork simultaneously acts as decoration for the room in which he hopes to pass away. Through Fred's quick-witted and playful perspective, Come on Down and Pick Me Up investigates the eternal questions of life, mortality and the true purpose of art.

Festival Selections
Woodstock Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

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Unnoticed: Children of Kabul (In Development)

Co-Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Their families devastated by the war, thousands of children are forced to work in the busy streets of Kabul, washing cars and digging for scrap metal. Others take jobs in blacksmith shops or sell food in the crowded and dangerous markets. This upcoming twenty-four minute documentary will take the audience into the lives of these children, sharing their stories with an international audience in hopes of focusing attention on the future of Afghanistan -- its children.

Featured on CNN IReport and CNN Backstory

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Overtaken by Islam

Co-Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer

'I'm not afraid to name the enemy. The enemy in this war today is Islam,' says George Erdel, a retiree living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. But when the Muslim community receives approval to build a large Islamic Center in Murfreesboro, George joins a group of community members in voicing his outrage. Passionate and outspoken, George speaks forcefully against the Islamic Center while attacking his critics head-on. Overtaken by Islam takes a careful and personal look at this man and his ideas, letting you inside the world of an increasingly vocal part of American society.

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A Natural Death

Co-Director, Producer, Editor

'As Americans, we've been trained to ignore death,' says John Wilkerson, founder of the only 'green burial' site in the state of Florida. Cemeteries across the country bury 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid and 90,272 tons of steel in the ground each year. This film follows John during a typical day on his family farm, now converted into a green burial site, as he introduces the audience to an alternative view of death.

Festival Selections:
Alachua County Environmental Film Festival
Cinerama Film Festival (Winner: 2nd Place)
Reynolda Film Festival